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The Dreyfus Affair

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The Dreyfus Affair

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The Dreyfus Affair was a political scandal, which polarized French society on a number of levels. The conviction of Jewish Artillery officer, Alfred Dreyfus raised many questions regarding the power of the French War Office, and called to attention the corruption within the French legal system.

The Dreyfus Affair in France The Dreyfus Affair began in with the unjust conviction of Alfred Dreyfus, a French Artillery Officer, for the crime of treason. The Affair was to last 12 years, and some historians would argue that it split the country in two.[1].

The Alfred Dreyfus Affair Essay - The Alfred Dreyfus Affair Alfred Dreyfus affair was a political and legal scandal in The affair divided France political landscape and viewed as an extreme case of justice miscarriage, and developed global and modern recognizance.

THE DREYFUS AFFAIR In France at the end of the yearAlfred Dreyfus, a Jewish officer of the French General Staff, was accused and convicted of espionage for Germany.

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Dreyfus affair essay topics
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